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"Dr. Nunno is a true master. Her chiropractic healing technique is unique, holistic, and nothing short of miraculous.

I feel safe in Dr. Nunno's hands and my body responds well to her thorough intuitive adjustments. She has helped me and my family to feel better in our bodies and thrive in a more active lifestyle--she's the best!"

- Kate N. (August 2016)

"I was referred to Dr. Nunno after I was involved in a motorcycle accident. I grew "sick" of the western medicines' treatment of pain, numb, increase dose, repeat. I was breaking down physically and mentally and began to pursue a holistic approach--beginning with acupuncture. There, I was referred to Dr. Nunno. She treated my symptoms and prescribed a healthy regimen of whole food supplements, cranio-sacral therapy and chiropractic adjustmernt. She has been an amazing support, both physically and mentally, helping me to function optimally with out the debilitating effects of pharmaceuticals. She has been the greatest thing that has happened to my physical being."
 - Robert B. 

"Dr. Nunno is one in a million. She has treated me numerous times and I always come away with the feeling of better health not only physically but also mentally due to her adjustments. I would recommend her highly for any chiropractic needs and or holistic medicine. Natural is the way to go not drugs!"
- Melissa T. (Patient since 2003)

"I was referred to Dr. Nunno by a fellow CrossFitter, after years of dealing with back pain. Having never been to a chiropractor before, I wasn't sure what to expect and was very skeptical that my situation could improve. I felt improvement after the first visit, and have been consistently improving ever since. I can't say enough good things about Dr. Nunno and Holistic Health Center!"

Its very likely that I'll recommend Dr. Nunno in the future.

- Missy J.

"Dr. Nunno first helped me recover from a serious injury in 1998. Her care for my husband and me has been outstanding for many years. I believe that we are healthier and in much better shape physically because of her excellent care."

Its likely that I'll recommend Dr. Nunno in the future.

- Valerie B.

"Dr. Nunno's care for our young son has been outstanding and proven unmistakably beneficial. 

We are impressed and truly excited about teaming up with Holistic Health Center when it comes to our family's search for well-being."

-Robert S.

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"I have been a patient of Dr Nunno's since high school (>20 years!) and would never go any place else. Dr Nunno is a skilled clinician who is blessed with the gift of healing. She has helped me heal from sports-related injuries, chronic subluxations, and has been a shoulder to lean on through some difficult times. She also cared for my son when he was an infant and was recovering from lip-tie and tongue-tie repair. She has a holistic approach and pays attention to nutrition, lifestyle factors, and stress in addition to spine health. She is the best in the business as far as I'm concerned!"

Its likely that I'll recommend Dr. Nunno in the future.

"Activity is imperative to my well-being, both my physical and mental state. When my participation in competitive endeavors became limited due to health concerns I struggled to find answers within the framework of "traditional western medicine". I came to Dr Nunno based on her person-centered approach. She listened to my alignments, was attentive to hearing "what I still hope to do" and is working with me. I am enamored by her knowledge on human systems and appreciative of Dr Nunno's tenacity in assisting her patients to improve their lives. Dr. Nunno has had a profound effect on my life. I am ever so grateful for the collaborative partnership that we have embarked upon to promote my health and wellness."

Its likely that I'll recommend Dr. Nunno in the future.

- Melissa D.

This is my first experience with chiropractor care and CST and I can't believe how amazing my body and mind feels. It's an "attitude" adjustment! Thank you Dr. Nunno, I look forward to my continued care and improvements. [My experience was] excellent! So grateful!

- Beth B.